Empowering you to give in a smart, simple, secure, and social way

The B Charitable Way

Now it is easier than ever to support the causes that you care about with the security of knowing where your money is going. B Charitable provides a platform for you and the people in your social network to rally around the things that matter in a way that is simple, smart, secure, and social.

What makes us different?

B Charitable is the only charitable giving platform that harnesses the tax advantage of a charitable contribution and combines that with smart technology, crowdfunding campaigns, low fees, performance tracking, and tax-free investment growth to make giving simple, smart, secure, and social.

You can contribute to your fund with a credit card, debit card, ACH transaction, or automatic transfers through your bank. C’mon, the only way we could make this easier would be to create an app you can download to your smartphone… See what we did there?

A Message from our Founder

Charities in the Hive

B Charitable gives you the ability to donate to the public charities that you are passionate about, no matter what they are! You have the opportunity to recommend investing your balance for tax-free growth and you can request grants to any IRS-recognized public charity of your choosing.

Browse the list of non-profits to find the one thats right for you!

Our Mission & Vision

Why B Charitable? We like to answer that question with a question of our own: Why not? That’s not a snarky sidestep; it’s at the very heart of who we are. B Charitable was started by a former tax attorney whose passion for helping wealthy families build private foundations became a mission to help everyone make a difference through giving — even you. It really is that simple. We all have the potential to do more, serve more, be more, and give more, but it’s not always easy. We’re here to change that. B Charitable opens up giving to anyone who wants to give — me and you and him and her and us and them and, well, you get the idea. B Charitable’s goal is to serve as a launching pad for those warm-hearted impulses we all have, but don’t always know what to do with. We want to help you visualize and then impact world-change from the palm of your hand. It’s been said, that the purpose of life is not just to be happy. It is to be useful; to be honorable; to be compassionate; to — you guessed it: B Charitable. And we agree. Let’s do this.

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