B Charitable is a giving platform that makes generosity easy, tax-friendly, and rewarding.

A modern donor advised fund, for everyone.

Make Generosity Simple

Establish and name your very own charitable giving fund with just a few clicks. Make a one-time or recurring tax-deductible contribution, set charitable giving goals, and track your fund’s performance through your very own dashboard. Easily give from your fund to over 1.4 million charities when you choose.  

Deduct now, donate later

B Charitable, Inc. is a public charity. So you’ll receive a tax receipt immediately upon making a contribution to your own charitable giving fund. You can grow your fund, tax-free, with low-risk investments, and give to any registered non-profit at a time that you choose. 

Recruit Your Community

Easily create a crowdfunding campaign to support any public charity. Invite your friends, family, and social network to give alongside you to grow your impact and meet your charitable giving goals. 

Donate to charities in a simple, smart, social and secure way.


What They’re Saying


Set up your very own personal giving fund, create recurring donations, and give to over 1.5 millions charities with just a few clicks.


With a single, secure account, a simple tax receipt, and easy grant requests, B Charitable is the smartest way to give to any registered non-profit.


Create shareable fundraising campaigns to support charities, non-profits, or even your own foundations, and track progress over time.  


Security is our priority. Your fund has bank-level protection, and can only be sent to a registered non-profit for charitable purposes.

Setting up your own Charitable Giving Fund only takes seconds and with no minimum contribution, you can immediately start giving to the charities that you care about. 

Donate to over 1.4 million charities

How does a Charitable Giving Fund Work?

What makes us different?

B Charitable is the only charitable giving platform that harnesses the tax advantage of a charitable contribution and combines that with smart technology, crowdfunding campaigns, low fees, performance tracking, and tax-free investment growth to make giving simple, smart, secure, and social.

You can contribute to your fund with a credit card, debit card, ACH transaction, or automatic transfers through your bank. C’mon, the only way we could make this easier would be to create an app you can download to your smartphone… See what we did there?

Donate to any

B Charitable gives you the ability to donate to the public charities that you are passionate about, no matter what they are! You have the opportunity to recommend investing your balance for tax-free growth and you can request grants to any IRS-recognized public charity of your choosing.

Browse the list of non-profits to find the one thats right for you!

What are you waiting for, world-changer?

It’s time to B Charitable. Set up your own personal giving fund in just a few clicks.