“Whether you’re an individual looking to make a difference, a financial advisor wanting to help your clients navigate tax and charitable giving solutions, or a business with charitable giving as a core tenet, a B Charitable donor-advised fund is for you!”

Jonathan Shugart
B Charitable Founder

Who It's For


Looking for an easy, and tax-beneficial, way to contribute to charities you care about? Set up your free, B Charitable donor advised fund, log into your personal dashboard (online or through our app) and get started today.

Financial Advisors

Are you still recommending an old donor advised fund to your clients? Keep scrolling to see how our new DAF technology is helping FAs maximize their clients tax benefits, get new business, and retain their AUM.


Is charitable giving part of your corporate culture? Looking for ways to extend that giving tenet to your employess and further stand apart from your competition? Look no further than a B Charitable DAF.

 B Charitable DAF Solutions


  • Set and accomplish charitable giving goals with one-time or recurring contributions.
  • Invite your network to support your favorite causes with crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Grow your fund over time with investments and leave a charitable legacy.


  • Manage clients’ charitable giving accounts and retain/grow AUM. 
  • Strengthen client relationships by providing more complete, expert financial advice. 
  • Utilize charitable giving as a diversification tool and save clients capital gains tax.


  • Create a corporate culture of giving, and increase employee engagement with your giving program. 
  • Match employee contributions to charities or causes they care about. 
  • Easily manage ESG giving, and align your mission with ESG-compliant organization

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